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Round 6 - F100 British Championship

Buckmore Park

13/14/15 October


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What chassis do you own/use?

Tony Kart Extreme / also rebuilding a 97 Solo


What engines do you own/use?

3x Vortex VR/C 98, 2x PCR TSV 98 Testarossa, 1x PCR TSV 95, 1x Iame ReedJet, 1x Ital MV21


What carbs do you own/use?

2x Ibea Yellow FA L2’s, 1x Ibea L2


Previous racing experience (if any).

Started Karting 1992, on an old 86 Deavinson A frame.

Completed Novice races in 100 Clubman classes at Rye House, Tilbury and Buckmore.  Actually started my first race final on that same Deavinson frame coming from last to finish 8th on a grid of 34 karts at Tilbury.  Before big bumpers, soft tyres and max grid sizes of 24, was very chuffed at the time.

Raced sporadically at club level in 100C 92 class (on mum and dad’s money) until 1997 before deciding to take it more seriously and getting a grown-ups job.

Completed 97 Summer champs at Rye House, Tilbury and Buckmore in 97 100C class.  Finishing behind the Great Gordon Chenery and a young Chris Jiggins in the championship races.  One-off races at Clay Pigeon, Kimbolton, Buckmore and Nuthampstead against the likes of Darren Gibbs, David Griffiths, Gordon Finlayson, Stuart Baker and many more drivers were a great learning curve.  Inc London Cup at Rye House, running 3rd in final until my chain let go.

Won 98 Summer champs at Buckmore Park inc race wins at Buckmore, Lydd and Rye house in 100C.  Runner up in 98 Phil Warlow Memorial Cup to David Griffiths.

Won 99 Phil Warlow Memorial Cup and multiple wins in 100C at Buckmore Park, Lydd and Rye House.

Competed in 1999 Super 1 Formula A Championships, placing 21st but spent most of the year getting my ass whooped but I did place 13th at Clay in Final 1 racing alongside Jamie Green, Jason Williams, Neil Doran, Susie Stoddart and others.  Also out qualified Michael Conway among others at Shennington, (he may have had a mechanical issue but I’ll take that one).  Great Experience tho and that first year in Super 1 year taught me so much.

Competed in 2000 Super 1 Formula 100C Championships …can’t remember placing but it wasn’t great, although I did have some positive results.  Overall found the grid was very boisterous in comparison to Formula A but made many friends.

Competed in 2001 Super 1 National Class Championships …learnt to be tougher and found good pace, was on for top 3 placing at Wigan and Shennington prior to mechanical failures.  Excluded at Fulbeck for fault with Airbox and quit season.

Entered 2002 Super 1 National Class Championships only completing the first qualifier due to a lack of funds and the escalating costs of racing.

Competed in Various Max Endurance events for GMS during 2002, 2003 and 2004.


Besides the personal track experience my karting experience extends to watching some of the greatest British karters grow up during the period that I raced at those London clubs.  I was fortunate that I was able watch, Dan Wheldon, Ant Davidson, Jenson Button, Michael Spencer, Lewis Hamilton and others go from cadets through juniors into the echelons of our beloved sport.  Knowing their families and enjoying their success in karts and of course those who moved onto the big world of global motorsports brings more pride to what I do when sitting behind the wheel.  RIP Dan!


Hung up the gloves until 2012/13.



What got you involved in F100?

Wanted to race my old kit as stored all those years and didn’t want to spend a fortune on new kit.  Spoke with one or two old friends online plus getting to know Alan Dove, Oliver Scullion, Tim Wickett, Gareth Nicholai and Devinder Athwal lead me to supporting Oliver in his quest to revive the greatest karting class of all time.


Who do you come karting with?

I’m usually supported by old friend and sparring partner from all those years ago at Tilbury and Buckmore, ..he is the one and only Martin Bond.  He is a great Moral boosting and positive supporting personality, and double quick on the spanners.  I’d be lost without his help.  My good friend Phil also helps when available.


Goals for the season?

To place well at O plate and World Championship round.  I can’t support the whole championship this year and the lack of track time I get doesn’t allow me to take the racing too seriously.  I just enjoy competing, (in good weather) and the social side of gathering with like minded people for a weekend.  If I have a good round with no issues, place well, (top 10 on a full grid) and no one punts me off I go home a very happy man.


Most of us have a bit of kit that we want more than anything, but don’t have, what bit of kit is it for you?

Would love to get my hands on my 99 FA PCR Jaguar.  Sold it to a couple of lads I knew who raced at Buckmore and I can’t track them down.  Or another 99 PCR Jaguar if possible.  Oh and a van would be nice.


What kart and/or racing drivers inspired you when growing up?

Nigel and Aryton going wheel to wheel in 85, 86, 87 and so on.  I watched those two when I was a young lad in their turbo powered monsters and they are without doubt the two greatest race drivers that ever walked this earth.  I don’t deny that other drivers may have been quicker or more calculating, smarter or even more complete drivers.  But they are the greatest racers and the glory of the turbo period is why I fell in love with motorsport.


If F100 was like boxing and you walked to the grid with your song playing, what would the song be?

The chain, Fleetwood Mac …why would you choose anything else.  Incidentally Rumours would be in my all time top 10 album listing.


Other interests

For me Music, I play Drums and Guitar and when not karting.  I played Drums for 20 years in a couple of bands, touring, gigging and seeing the that side of life was a great experience and a real eye opener.

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