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Round 6 - F100 British Championship

Buckmore Park

13/14/15 October


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Joe Scorey




What chassis do you own/use?

Fullerton puma 94 fullerton puma 97


What engines do you own/use?

Rotax dsc / Iame tt75


What carbs do you own/use?

Ital system/ Tryton/ baroni


Previous racing experience (if any).

1st of june 1994 started karting


Cadet 1994-1996 on a fullerton mini


Junior tkm/junior tkm intermediate 1996-2002 zip cd 10 venom a frame


Super 1 200, took part in


Senior max 2002-to current

Crg, msw (works driver) crg aarows tonykart


0 plate 2003, took part in


2005 ace and king of clubs


Moved to 177 cos I enjoyed pies


2013 hated being fat moved back to senior max


2015 senior max and f100!!




What got you involved in F100?

Running a proper kart, with proper noise proper revs and proper smell, had enough of the crashing and disillusioned state of karting in this current era


Who do you come karting with?

Team Banditto my girlfriend, Aaran Stroud and Symo (the bank)


Goals for the season?

Win don’t turn up to finish second to know body


Most of us have a bit of kit that we want more than anything, but don’t have, what bit of kit is it for you?

I have a huge selection but would love a couple of dsd’s vr98’s and a faluga for next season


What kart and/or racing drivers inspired you when growing up?

Michael simpson, david fore Ayrton senna


If F100 was like boxing and you walked to the grid with your song playing, what would the song be?

Rob Duncan - club to death

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