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Round 6 - F100 British Championship

Buckmore Park

13/14/15 October


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Jack Barber







What chassis do you own/use?

Swiss Hutless Evolution 1998


What engines do you own/use?

Rotax DSD and DSE


What carbs do you own/use?

Ibea L3


Previous racing experience (if any).

2009-2010 Honda Cadet at CKC and FEKC. Came 2nd in CKC champs twice and 5th in FEKC champs


2011-Minimax at FEKC

2012-Junior Max at FEKC

2013-Junior Max at FEKC

2014- Junior Max Southern champs at FEKC + 1 Senior max meeting


What got you involved in F100?



Who do you come karting with?

Ben Hamlet (mechanic) and my Mum!


Goals for the season?

Get used to F100. Have a good go at the O plate and the World champs


Most of us have a bit of kit that we want more than anything, but don’t have, what bit of kit is it for you?

Another carb and motor would be nice!


What kart and/or racing drivers inspired you when growing up?

Kart drivers: Sean Babington/Marco Ardigo, Racing Drivers: Ayrton Senna/Fernando Alonso


If F100 was like boxing and you walked to the grid with your song playing, what would the song be?

Doves Kingdom of Rust


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