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Round 6 - F100 British Championship

Buckmore Park

13/14/15 October


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Jack Baker







What chassis do you own/use?

Kosmic T2


What engines do you own/use?

Rotax VME/ Ital Sistem ML31/ Parilla Reedjet.


What carbs do you own/use?

Baroni BF24/ HHC


Previous racing experience (if any).

First started karting when I got a Tonykart rocky cadet for my 7th birthday, I stayed in cadet until the age of 12 then went into junior TKM. I then went into TKM extreme and raced in that until I discovered F100! I also had tested Rotax and kf2. I currently work at an indoor kart circuit and daily drive Sodi corporate karts.


What got you involved in F100?

My dad, we went and watched the O plate at Whilton Mill in 2014 and we both thought this is a hell of a lot better then tkm! F100 are so much better to drive, the speed, the sound and the great grids and racing with everyone involved.


Who do you come karting with?

I come karting with my dad, Simon Baker.


Goals for the season?

Would like to finish top 10 in the championship this year.


Most of us have a bit of kit that we want more than anything, but don’t have, what bit of kit is it for you?

Personally, although there is a lot of nice kit for a lot of money to buy, from my opinion I already have the kit I wanted after watching the O plate at whilton.


What kart and/or racing drivers inspired you when growing up?

When I was growing up, my two main heroes were the great Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton. They both raced in the same karts we run in F100 and won a lot of races! Also, I was into karting from the age of 1 in a pushchair and a bottle of milk, use to be at rye house and several other tracks supporting my dad when he use to race.


If F100 was like boxing and you walked to the grid with your song playing, what would the song be?

Nightcrawlers- push the feeling on


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