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Round 6 - F100 British Championship

Buckmore Park

13/14/15 October


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Arran Maile







What chassis do you own/use?

Tony Kart Extreme '99


What engines do you own/use?

Titan RV2, Titan RV2, Siro Rap 95, Solo


What carbs do you own/use?

Ibea L2, Ibea L2, Baroni BF24


Previous racing experience (if any).

2004-2014 Raced TKM in the Midlands.


2011-2013 Founded and captained The University of Sheffield BUKC Team (British Universities Karting Championship) 


What got you involved in F100?

At the end of a solid years racing in 2014 I felt that I had to move on from TKM, but I wasn't really interested in what the modern karting had become. As a result I was reluctantly considering finally growing up and looking into retiring from kart racing. However, one weekend I got talking with Mark Bellerby about F100, and by the end of that weekend I had decided that F100 was just exactly what I wanted to do. Simple, pure, fast and affordable. How could I possibly miss out on the fun?! Now I feel that the evil thoughts of retiring are unlikely to return for many years to come.


Who do you come karting with?

Either Ben Bertolini (my house mate and regular mechanic) or Rob Maile (my Dad who officially is retired as my mechanic but I couldn't keep him away from a 100cc!)


Goals for the season?



Most of us have a bit of kit that we want more than anything, but don’t have, what bit of kit is it for you?

An Ital Sistem SV21 front rotary valve, a 250cc twin cylinder Superkart.


What kart and/or racing drivers inspired you when growing up?

Ayrton Senna for being the best ever, Jenson Button for being the best brit in F1 when I was growing up, Ed Brand who has won in everything I have ever seen him drive in, Will Tew for creating the BUKC, Oliver Scullion for creating F100 (the last two selfless devotion to the sport I love, probably stands out more than the rest to me).


If F100 was like boxing and you walked to the grid with your song playing, what would the song be?

Firestarter (Instrumental, from Wipeout 2097)


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